1. Seed
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It's pretty simple, we both know, life can be short. But, this won't take long. Listen, why do you do what you do, when when you do it it feels wrong? Doing and doing it you feel hate. A little here a little there, it accumulates.

Now you've got numbers and you've got names. You all got tabs and you got handles. Nothing that you can seem to hide from. No time for questions no voice with answers. Are your ears closed? Can you see? Does life hold any mystery? Or, is it handed down to you like a pill from the majesty?

Fluoride in your drinking water. Hormones in your slab o' meat. You were stuck and then you said, "Okay, that's enough for me! I'm headed out. I'm headed west. I'm going North and I'm coming into myself, where I belong. Nobody's telling me what's right and what's wrong." Doing my best at keeping up. I'm doing quite well. But, I'm covered in dust.