About Alan Cook

Short Bio 

Maine musician Alan Cook revitalizes the music of the 20th century and takes listeners on a journey through time. His wide repertoire spans 100 years of folk, country, blues, rock, and pop. He has a knack for "reading a crowd" and the ability to touch the hearts of a diverse group of listeners.

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Alan Cook in the blueberry fields of downeast Maine

Medium Bio

Located in Eastern Maine and touring New England, Alan Cook revitalizes the music of the 20th century and takes listeners on a journey through time. He has a knack for being able to "read a crowd", and the ability to touch the hearts of a diverse group of listeners. 

Primarily self-accompanying on guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, or fiddle, he is a dynamic and colorful musician, Cook is able to transport his listeners back through their memories of childhood. Specializing in American roots music of the 20s-60s, including Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, and Johnny Cash; Cook shows great versatility, performing 60s and 70s pop, such as The Beatles, Roy Orbison, and Paul Simon; he hits heavy with 90s rock, such as Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Nirvana; he covers the contemporary Zac Brown Band, Ed Sheeran, and Old Crow Medicine Show. Cook has also been known to pull off solo renditions of songs by artists usually out of bounds for the solo performer, such as CSNY, Yes, or Megadeth, as requested by audience members. Cook also writes his own songs, blending his myriad musical influences.

Learn more about Alan Cook at www.alancookmusic.com

Long Bio

Born in 1980, in upstate New York, Alan Cook was surrounded by live music from his time in the womb. Hailing from a musical family, he was steeped in music throughout his childhood. His father taught him to play guitar, and extended family would join together for jamborees at the Cook Pavilion in Tinker Hollow, New York. This was where Cook learned the essence of music.  

At age 7, he won the high school talent show in Waterville, NY.

During his teens, Cook's musical interests broadened from the Appalachian and classic country tunes of his upbringing, to rock, reggae, blues, jazz, metal, techno, and so on. Practically, every genre was explored and dissected. Years were spent experimenting, composing, performing, and recording with many bands, sometimes working behind the mixing board as the soundman or recording engineer. A musical philosophy was formed that concluded that all types of music have valuable qualities, with elements that may be interspersed. The integration of these elements is inherent to every Alan Cook performance, as he slips in and out of genres, effortlessly.  Always seeking to learn more, his experience working in many bands (5 bands plus a marching band in '02, for example) and as intern at Tuffy's Barn recording studio in Sangerfield, NY gave him perspective that only dogged perseverance and humble collaboration can bring.

At age 17 his rock band "Crackerjack" competed against 70 bands in a Central New York state Battle of the bands series and their song "Girl" was chosen as one of the top 14, which appeared on a best of CNY Rock compilation Album.

​Cook moved to Downeast Maine in his 20’s, and has since become a musical icon in the area. From the moment he arrived, he has been performing continuously, both solo and with many groups, and has gained a local reputation for excellence. Alan Cook served as music faculty at University of Maine at Machias from 2006-2020. From 2015 to 2018, he operated Coastal Soundwaves, a music store, and from there launched his freelance music teaching which continues to date. He has taught hundreds of people to make music in rural eastern Maine. Countless more have enjoyed hearing him perform at local Legion halls, breweries, churches, public parks, and private celebrations. 

At age 27, his song, "Morning Son" appeared on the UK compilation, "Daydream Generation".

Each Alan Cook show journeys across his wide repertoire of musical gems spanning 100 years of folk, country, blues, rock, and pop. His songwriting skills are often brought out on stage, as well - compositions and improvisation alike. A natural crowd-pleaser, he has the ability to scan an audience and play to their hearts, redefine genres, and bring together the generations.

In 2022, Cook was invited to represent downeast Maine at the Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival and has become a repeat act.

Today, Cook tours New England as a solo act and, also, with his duo Cook 'n' Lamb. He teaches private lessons in his home studio and is in the process of recording an album, slated to be released in Winter '23/'24. He lives in Jonesboro, Maine with his wife and 5 children.

Learn more about Alan Cook at www.alancookmusic.com